October 3, 2022

From the press box

Sports in Central and North East Indiana

BGFL Week 5

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Brien Mitchum

Press Box Report

As we go into week five of a shortened season, the featured game of the week for the BGFL will be the Lake County Warriors who are on top of the North Division 3-1 after beating Fort Wayne 26-20 last week will take on the Kentuckiana Calvary who are unbeaten this season,

The West Michigan Patriots are back on the road to take on the Cutters, with two weeks of no games they need a win to stay in the hunt in the North, as they take on the Wolverines next week 3-2 who are looking to get a win back and stay close to Lake County Warriors for the top north spot.

The rest of the north you have Allen Co which have struggled this year and the Joilet Bucs who from what I have heard have struggled a lot.

In the south the Calvary sit on top of the throne with no real challenge and look to be a favorite to get to the championship and take it all home. The Cutters, Tornadoes and Seminoles are all tied up at 3-2 so this week is very important teams that go to 2-4 will have a hard time trying to make the playoffs and not watching from the stands.

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