October 3, 2022

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Sports in Central and North East Indiana

Fort Wayne Wolverines putting the work in for 2021

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Fort Wayne Wolverines players Terry Gardiner, Quay Brooks and Norman Smith Jr run drills during pratice.

If you have not heard of the Fort Wayne Wolverines then maybe you are not familiar with the BGFL or maybe you live under a rock but whatever it may be the Wolverines are one of the newest teams to the league and they came into the league with a winning attitude and for a first year team they not only put their name on the map, they put other teams on notice that they may be the new kids on the block but they were not going to be an easy win they upset the defending champs Michiana Thunderhawk’s and stayed close to the eventual 2020 champs the Western Michigan Patriots, going into 2021 should be a great year for a team as hungry as the Wolverines.

They will be returning players from their inaugural year including QB Terry Gardiner with a talented core of receivers next to him moving the ball, and the defense who were one of the top in the league last year will be returning some of their key players Kavon Anderson, Quay Brooks also bringing a lot of new talent as well.

Looking at the first practice this early proves that the coach Jim Menzie and rest of the coaching staff and the players are going to have a productive off season and come into the 2021 season which will now have 13 teams in the league they will have a huge task but with the talent they have on the team and the dedication they are showing to winning a championship they should be able to get there.

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