May 27, 2022

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BGFL Playoffs recap of round 1 and preview of Conference Championship games and other BS..

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Brien Mitchum

From the Press Box

Sorry for the late entry, was waiting on word about some details to be official, will touch on that in a few. First lets take a look at the four first round playoff games.

We start in the North.

#1 Wolverines 54 vs #4 Bucs 0

As usual this game was high scoring, and a surprise that the Bucs even showed up, and as usual they had limited numbers to the point the coach dawned the pads and played. But the results were the same the Wolverines would drop 54 on them with several players scoring from both the offense and defense and even special teams, the Wolverines having been off for two weeks seemed to be firing on all cylinders and having fun while playing. They advance to the conference championship game this week vs Lake County Warriors.

#2 Lake County Warriors 26 vs #3 Elkhart Panthers 0

Not to much information on this game but the score and that pretty much tells the story, LC was up 12-0 at half and Panthers could have done something in the second half but LC just was to much for them, unlike the last meeting when LC was only able to score 8 and win 8-0 this was quite the turn around they find themselves in the conference championship this coming Saturday.


#1 Indy Tornadoes 32 vs #4 Indiana Cutters 0

Not sure how the Cutters got the #4 seed, but another WTF moment in the league that has been full of them all year, but after the Cutters beat the Tornadoes in the regular season one would think it would be another close game, but the Nados had other plans and would not be denied another chance at the championship and they will play in the conference championship against the Kentuckiana Calvary this week as well.

#2 Calvary 21 vs #3 Cardinals 12

This game had the makings of a grind em, smash game when at halftime the score was 8-6 in favor of the Calvary, the Cards would seem to press several times and just like in the regular season would fail to finish which has been their downfall all season, until in the third quarter the Cards would take the lead 12-8 and it looked like they would make it 20-8 as they would get the ball to the Calvary’s 10 yard line but on the third pick of the day the Calvary would get the turnover and capitalize on the Cardinal mistake and turn it into a score and make 21-8. The Cards would have another chance with about 6 minutes remaining in the game but Calvary would hold them off for a final score 21-8 and set up the showdown with the Tornadoes.

Conference Championship Preview


#1 Fort Wayne Wolverines vs #2 Lake County Warriors

It’s no surprise to me or anyone that follows this league that these are the two teams that are playing for the North, and that has been said since before the season had started despite all the haters and non believers of the Wolverines from last year riding the coat tails into this season as well, but the Wolverines have nothing to prove and are ready for this game. After the battle they had in week 4 with LC it is sure to be another battle for sure. Fort Wayne finished the regular season 8-0 and basically rolled every team that they played other than the LC, and Cardinals game in which they started off slow and that happens to all teams at time. Lake County finished the season 6-2 overall and losses came to FW and the Calvary.

Look for this to be a battle again, but I feel the Wolverines have the advantages 1 .They are at home, and will have the home town crowd 2. They are focused on the game and are not letting the current BS (More on that later) effect them 3. They know what to expect from LC and that is they will bring it for sure. The ticket to the championship wont be handed to either team they will have to show up and play that is a given, but call me a homer or whatever I am picking the Wolverines in this one.


#1 Tornadoes vs #2 Calvary

The Tornadoes are no strangers to this game they have a history of getting to the big game and winning so the Calvary will have their hands full for sure but the Calvary are a veteran team and have been around for a while so they can handle themselves its just a matter of containing the Nados and staying with them when it comes to points.

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