December 1, 2022

From the press box

Sports in Central and North East Indiana

Brien Mitchum

From the Press Box

The season is moving we are on week 3 and there has been upsets in both weeks, standout teams and teams that need a win desperately to stay in the hunt, the playoffs will be here before we know it and teams do not want to be on the outside looking in or in the stands watching the game come championship time.

So as of now here are the updated power rankings. These rankings are based on several factors such as strength of schedule, wins & losses, previous ranking, and game play on the field.

1. Northern Michigan Wolves (2-0)

2. Motor City Outlaws (1-0) – Idle Reschedule GM

3. Lansing Lightning (2-0)

4. Indy FireHawks (2-0)

5. Findlay Knights (1-1)

6. F.W. Wolverines (0-1) – Idle Reschedule GM

7. Grand Rapids Surge (1-1)

8. Kalamazoo Titans (0-1)

9. Calvary Knights (1-1)

10. West Michigan Chaos (0-2)

11. Indianapolis Shockers (0-1)

12. Holland Gladiators (0-2)

With the power rankings posted let’s get into week 3 preview.


#7 Grand Rapids Surge (1-1) vs #3 Lansing Lightning (2-0)

Lansing Lightning dropped 32 points in there week 2 win over the Holland Gladiators and are tied with Northern Michigan Wolves for first place and look to go 3-0 this week against the Surge. The Surge shocked a lot of people last week getting the win 20-18 over what looked to be a potent Calvary offense, will that streak continue versus the Lightning, this has the makings of both and upset and a blowout what team gets that it is hard to say a lot are picking the Surge to come out on top in this game, we shall see can the Surge prove the naysayers wrong 2 weeks in a row?

#1 Northern Michigan Wolves (2-0) vs #9 Calvary Knights (1-1)

This game will most likely go to the Wolves who are on a roll currently, I think the Knights will keep it close at times and fight to stay with them, in the end I just feel the Wolves are too strong and on a hot streak that will not be cooled off in week 3.

#5 Findlay Knights (1-1) vs #6 Fort Wayne Wolverines (0-1)

The Wolverines had game cancelled due to severe weather and are chomping at the bit to play but more importantly they have something to prove more so themselves after the loss to what looks to be a league rival the Indy Firehawk’s more than the other teams in the league, is this the week that the Wolverines show who they really are and get in the win column and get back their winning ways? Findlay came out with their first win last week against Kalamazoo 14-6 and it seems that was a tough back and forth game, and seem to come into week 3 as favorites to go home victorious, but the Wolverines look to get their first win of the season and get back to the winning ways that they are used to, and can’t afford to go 0-3 I don’t think that will happen and the game will be a battle between both teams, but look for the Wolverines to take the win at home this week.

#4 Indy Firehawk’s (2-0) vs #8 Kalamazoo Titans (0-1)

The Firehawk’s are the team in the Liberty conference that is on a hot streak, and they travel to Kalamazoo to take on the Titans who are looking to get a first win as well, but will the offense of the Firehawk’s just be too much for the Titans defense or will they stay with them and make it a game, this game has the makings of an upset that could shake the Liberty conference up and bring the Firehawk’s roll to an end, in order to do that the Titans will have to contain them and their defense will have to step up and keep the Firehawk’s grounded.

#12 Holland Gladiators (02) vs West Michigan Chaos (0-2)

This is another game that could go either way in two games the Holland Gladiators have struggled to put points on the board getting out scored 78-22 losing 3 in a row is not really an option for them, the Chaos knocked on the door in the week one game versus Lancing but was not able to find that grove in their week 2 loss against #1 Northern Michigan Wolves. This is a hard one to pick as it can be anyone’s game, it comes down to who wants it more in this one.

#2 Motor City Outlaws (1-0) vs # 11 Indianapolis Shockers (0-1)

The Shockers stayed with the Firehawk’s for the first half of the game and let them run away with it, that is something that they cannot do with the Motor City Outlaws, or they will be in trouble early so they have to keep them grounded and be able to produce points if they want a chance to get that first win of the year.

Is the UFL just another league that is remained to be seen, they seem to be a league that is looking to get away from that stigma of “Semi-pro” and actually give the players a chance at opportunities, out of all the leagues I cover so far, they look to be in front of the rest, are those other leagues competition? Or will the UFL be the model that other leagues want to be? Season is still young and there is time for the UFL to fix what they need to and improve on the things that are working for them.

This is going to be a key week for not only the league but all of the teams in the UFL, teams that remain at the top after the dust settles might see themselves gain some distance on their respective conferences or it might shuffle a bit, we shall see what happens and what it looks like come Sunday when we wake up..

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