December 1, 2022

From the press box

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Brien Mitchum

From the Press Box

It’s that time once again, to recap week 2 of the UFL and I guess I will go ahead and say this now probably going to hurt someone’s feelings and will be told that I should stick to my day job. and that’s ok I can take the criticism, that is what media does at times, at the end of the day it’s just my opinion and everyone is entitled to that, and to think I am being nice in my last preview, and I will keep it on that level again this time, but like always haters going to hate, or they might come out and prove the naysayers wrong…

So here we go week 2 recap

#8 Findlay Knights (1-1) 14 vs #4 Kalamazoo 6 Titans (0-1)

Findlay Knights after a one-sided loss to Motor City in week 1 28-0 were looking to bounce back and get a win versus the Kalamazoo Titans, and the Titans were looking to play their first game in the UFL. It was a close game and the Knights held on to the win and will travel to Fort Wayne to take on the Wolverines in Week 3 and the Titans will take on the Firehawks.

#5 Indy Firehawks (2-0) 28 vs #11 Indy Shockers 13 (0-0)

The Firehawk’s beat the Wolverines in week 1 with what some would call an upset, 14-6 would take on cross town rivals the Indy Shockers at home and would come out scoring, the Shockers would keep it close for half the game it seemed, but in the end the Firehawk’s were too much for them to stage a comeback.

#3 Fort Wayne Wolverines (0-1) vs #2 Motor City Outlaws (1-0)

This game had two hungry teams ready to take the field and battle but due to severe weather the choice was made in favor of player and fans safety to postpone and reschedule for July 2nd.

#6 Lansing Lightning (2-0) 32 vs #12 Holland Gladiators 8 (0-2)

The Holland Gladiators were looking to not join the 0-2 club and get a win over Lansing, but the Lightning has other ideas and put a stop to any idea of the Gladiator’s pulling out a win over them beating them 32-8.

#10 Grand Rapids Surge 20 (1-1) vs # 7 Calvary Knights (1-1) 18

I can say that the Surge in week 2 were a different team than in week 1 and surprised me for sure and prove that they just might be a sleeper team in the American conference beating the Calvary Knights who looked very well in week 1, it is still early but the Surge could be making a move up in the standings.

#9 West Michigan Chaos (0-2) 0 vs #1 Northern Michigan Wolves 18 (2-0)

The North Michigan Wolves looked like the dominate team they are in the American conference shutting down the Chaos and look to stand alone in that conference, and so far, that is what they are doing and seem to be favored to be top seed at the end of the season.

That does it for the Week 2 recap, we look to week 3 and see what teams will stay on top and be undefeated and what teams will be at the bottom when the dust settles. What will the league look to improve on this week, so far there has been a few things they seem to be proactive and try to fix them as fast as possible.

Week 3 UFL coming at you..

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