October 3, 2022

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UFL week 3 recap-We have games with no refs. fights breaking out and wet locker rooms…

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Brien Mitchum

From the Press Box

Well week 3 is behind us, in the UFL and this week the UFL board seems to have their hands full with once again no refs, wet locker rooms and players throwing punches and fighting. What will ruffle the feathers once again will be who gets fines and suspensions for those that were involved in the altercation, the league board defiantly has their hands full and its only week 3, but they better get a handle on it so that week 4 is not total pandemonium.

We start with

#2 Motor City Outlaws (2-0) 46 vs #11 Indianapolis Shockers (0-2) 6

The Shockers really stood no chance in this game most would have thought before the game, it seemed to be over in the first half the Outlaws were just too much for the Shockers in the end dropping 46 points to get the win 46-6 and continue the domination, they host the undefeated Firehawk’s in week 4 in what looks to be a showdown of the undefeated with Motor City.

#7 Grand Rapids Surge (1-1) vs #3 Lansing Lightning (2-0)

We will have to wait until July 2nd to see the outcome of this game, it was cancelled due to no refs hopefully the league will put a plan in place to fix this issue, so it doesn’t come up again.

#1 North Michigan Wolves (3-0) 64 vs #9 Calvary Knights (1-2) 0

Not sure where to start with this one and can’t help to think that the Knights were on the side of a rough night courtesy of the Wolves, giving up 64 points and not being able to produce any offense at all. The Wolves take on the Lighting in what is being called the “Rematch” with the Wolves ahead in that series. The Calvary look to get on the scoreboard this week as they take on the West Michigan Chaos.

#10 West Michigan Chaos (1-2) 30 vs #12 Holland Gladiators (0-3) 2

Both the Chaos and the Gladiators were staring at 0-3 this week and only one team would avoid that record, the Chaos assured that by scoring 30 and holding the Gladiators to just 2 points. West Michigan will host Calvary Knights and Holland travels to Grand Rapids in Week 4.

#6 Fort Wayne Wolverines (1-1) 12 vs #5 Findlay Knights (1-2) 0

Another defensive battle for the Wolverines versus the Knights, game would be back and forth until the 2nd half when Wolverines QB #10 Joe Stiegmyer hit #0 WR Brad Mead in the midst of great coverage in the end zone to get on the board 6-0. The Knights would drive a few times but would not capitalize with the Wolverines pushing into the red zone, they would once again get on the board this time from FB Keenan Boyd to put Fort Wayne up 12-0 and the Wolverines defense would hold off any comeback that the Knights could pull off.

The Wolverines are at home again in week 4 and will play host to the Kalamazoo Titans who are 0-2. The Knights (1-2) host the Shockers (0-2).

#4 Indy Firehawks (3-0) 20 vs #8 Kalamazoo Titans (0-2) 18

Indy Firehawk’s continue to surprise the league and continue to win, every game they have played has been a close one and this game was no different. Beating the Titans and handing then their second loss to go 0-2. The Titans will travel to Ft Wayne to take on the Wolverines and the Firehawk’s will have a showdown in Detroit with the Outlaws.

Week 4 is almost here, and the season is almost at its half way point so things will start playing out and getting interesting.

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