August 11, 2022

From the press box

Sports in Central and North East Indiana

Brien Mitchum

From the press box

Man on man what a F up week the UFL had just a big ole shit storm and not enough time to write about it and I just don’t want to waste my time trying to. So, a short recap of week 4.

Three games had to be rescheduled but one ended up not being rescheduled forcing the away team to take the loss.

We start with

Fort Wayne Wolverines (1-1) vs Kalamazoo Titans (0-2)

This game would have been a good game, we don’t know which Titans team would have showed up, some say we have not seen the real Titans but at 0-2 they better show up soon. This game will be played in July in Fort Wayne at the end of the season.

Calvary Knights (1-2) vs West Michigan Chaos (1-2)

This game would of have moved one of these teams to 2-2 and now we will have to wait to see what happens.

Indianapolis Firehawk’s (3-0) vs Motor City Outlaws (2-0)

This game was supposed to be the showdown of the unbeatens both teams have pretty much punched their ticket to championship in their minds and the smack talk was deep with this one especially after it got cancelled due to a Covid outbreak and for the safety of all involved was the best option, but some didn’t see it that way but when it came down to it in the end the game just could not be rescheduled due to some issues with a field for the home team and the Indy Firehawk’s had to take the forfeit giving the Outlaws the win not what they wanted or followers of the UFL wanted but they will get the chance to play each other again in the second half of the season, so that should be a great match up.

For the games that actually got played and completed.

Findlay Knights 19 (2-2) vs Indianapolis Shockers 6 (0-3)

Well, the Shockers sure didn’t shock anyone in this game and fall to 0-3 and their schedule does not get any easier to find that first win of the season when they host the Fort Wayne Wolverines who were off yet again in week 4 due to a cancelation. The Findlay Knights coming off win will travel to Indy to play the Firehawks.

North Michigan Wolves 28 (4-0) vs Lansing Lightning (6) (2-1)

In what was supposed to be a so-called rematch of the 21-league championship the Wolves continued to send the Lightning home with a loss. The Wolves are sitting on top of the American Conference and seems that no one in that conference at least has the ability to beat them, will it happen before the playoffs, probably not they have smacked around all but one team in the conference and look to be the same they dropped 64 on Calvary Knights and in week 5 they take on the Holland Gladiators, they might break the scoreboard this week, I give the Gladiators some credit though so far in 4 games they have at least showed up to the game, the only thing they can do is just use this season for experience and get prepared for next year’s season. The Lightning will host the Calvary Knights in week 5 both teams need a win to stay in that hunt for at least good seeding in the playoffs.

Grand Rapids Surge (2-1) 26 vs Holland Gladiators 2 (0-4)

Surge get another win to improve to 2-1 and the Gladiators continue to struggle and go 0-4. The Surge will travel to take on the West Michigan Chaos and Holland will host the Wolves.

WEEK 5 Preview

Since there was not a lot of positive to write about in week 4 let’s hope that the storm will settle a bit for the league and that the league officials might have a week with at least all the scheduled games get played.

Holland Gladiators (0-4) vs North Michigan Wolves (4-0)

At least the Gladiators are at home this week and don’t have to drive a long-distance home, that may be the only positive to come out of this matchup, look for the Wolves to run up the score in this one and most likely not give up any points to the Gladiators.

Lansing Lightning (2-1) vs Calvary Knights (1-2)

Both the Lightning and the Calvary have a game to make up at the end of the year, but the Calvary cannot afford to lose this game and fall to 1-3 that would put them with their backs against the wall so to speak still have more games to play but with only a 10-game schedule you defiantly don’t want to have to play catch up in the second half of the season. Lansing looking for that win to stay in the hunt for a top 3 spot in the second half of the season. Should be a close game as neither team has produced a lot of points so this could be anyone’s game in week 5

West Michigan Chaos (1-2) vs Grand Rapids Surge (2-1)

This is another game with a team that cannot afford to go 1-3 that would be the Chaos in this case, this is another game that will be close and one that people will be curious to see what happens in the end. The Surge look to gain some ground as well and are looking to get that ever important win in week 5.

Indianapolis Firehawk’s (3-1) vs Findlay Knights (2-2)

Last week was not a great week for the Firehawk’s as that glory first year undefeated season they were hoping to have come to a bitter end when they had to forfeit to the Motor City Outlaws so I am sure they will be ready to smack some players in this week’s game as they host the Findlay Knights, the Firehawks escaped what I think would of been the game they got exposed and Motor City would of sent them home with a loss anyways but maybe it was better that they forfeited and save that matchup for the second half of the season. The Findlay Knights got the win over the Shockers in week 4 so they look to continue that streak this week against Indy and that is a good possibility that they will knock the Hawks down another notch.

Indianpolis Shockers (0-3) vs Fort Wayne Wolverines (1-1)

Both these teams have had games cancelled for reasons out of their control and have not had a chance to get a streak of games played under them, but the Shockers have their hands full this weekend when they host, he Wolverines who are looking to make a statement to all the non-believers and make up some ground on the Firehawks and the Outlaws. The Shockers are looking to get the first win of the season, after what seemed to be a close game at the start of the game versus Findlay ended up a 2-score game in the end and just too much for them to handle, look for the Wolverines to have a break-out game this week and the offense to exploit the defense of the Shockers, and the Wolverines Defense to be too much with the pressure, and contain the offense of the Shockers.

Kalamazoo Titans (0-2) vs Motor City Outlaws (3-0)

I don’t see this game ending in the Titans favor, the Outlaws will be too much offense for them and will keep that undefeated streak going in week 5, unless the team the Titans have mentioned show up this week then they might stand a chance and keep it closer. The Outlaws are coming off a forfeit win with not game in week 4 but don’t think that will make much of a difference in this game.

Should be an interesting week 5 and end to a less than perfect first half of the inaugural UFL season, which it could of went better but in hindsight could be a lot worse.

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