October 3, 2022

From the press box

Sports in Central and North East Indiana

Brien Mitchum

From the Press Box

Here we are the start of the second half of the season, week 6 of the UFL and fingers crossed that it goes well this week but let’s get into.

We start with the Findlay Knights who decided to take their ball and go home folded this week in a press release from the UFL president, now all teams that had them on the schedule get a 50-0 forfeit win congrats to the Shockers and the Titans they have the first win of the season.

#4 Indy Firehawk’s (4-1) vs #5 Fort Wayne Wolverines (3-1)

The rematch from week 1 will be in Indy this time, the Firehawk’s beat the Wolverines in week 1 14-6 it was a closer game than the score says and really came down to the Firehawks being able to capitalize on the mental mistakes that Wolverines made, now if the score would have 41-6 then I would have a different view and since then have been on a roll so to speak winning almost every game they have played except that forfeit they had to take to the Outlaws, I am sure that hurt…either way I think that would of had the same outcome. The Firehawks have not been tested let’s just get that out of the way, they beat the initial #1 team Wolverines week 1 by one score and beat the Shockers which again was not a true test, and barely squeaked by the 0-5 Titans 20-18 and beat the now folded Findlay Knights 18-6 admits some controversy. They seem to think they have a pass to the conference championship game, for a first-year team to be 4-1 is a great accomplishment, but they still have to play the Wolverines team that has not had a game in a few weeks, so they are not going to lay down and let them score without earning that is for sure, the strength of schedule for this conference is less than expected and other than this week’s game and the Outlaws game the Firehawks could breeze bye pretty easy, but is the hype really as big as the people in Indianapolis are making it? That is to be determined. The Fort Wayne Wolverines came into the league #1 fresh off a national championship bid, league championship so the expectations for them were extremely high not only for the organization but the target got even bigger when they were ranked #1. It’s no secret that they struggled in week 1 but I still think that the true Wolverine team has not played a game yet and this week is when the UFL will see that. I expect this game to be a tight game, but I am picking the Wolverines to shock the league and take home the victory.

#2 Motor City Outlaws (5-0) vs Findlay Knights

Well can’t really say much about this the Knights folded giving the Outlaws the 50-0 win.

#11 Indy Shockers (1-4) vs #10 Kalamazoo Titans (1-3)

Well, the only thing exciting about this game is that one of these teams has to win!!!! The Shockers have not showed any life through 5 games of the season, and the Titans are still waiting to come out to actually play football, and most of us are still waiting for the so-called true Titans to show up!! So one of these teams could get an actual win and have 2 on the season counting the forfeit from the Findlay Knights, with that one of these teams have a chance to make the playoffs and now it’s like a new season for both of them.

#1 North Michigan Wolves (5-0) vs # 6 Grand Rapids Surge (3-1)

The Surge better show up for this game and come out with some urgency if they want to even come close in having a chance to upset the top team in their conference, hopefully they can hang, and they have been on a roll as of late turning it around a lot since the less than impressive week 1 start. Now the Wolves are a scoring machine, and the defense is stingy, or could it be the competition is just not good that they play, I think they will continue the undefeated run of the UFL this week.

#3 Lansing Lightning (3-1) vs # 8 West Michigan Chaos (1-3)

Week 6 of the season is no time to start off with another loss the Choas need to get back in the win column or they might find themselves fighting for the last playoff spot with the Calvary Knights or who knows the Gladiators. The Lansing squad is on a 1 game win streak getting back in that mode last week shutting out the Knights. It’s hard to say how this game will go for sure. .

#9 Calvary Knights (1-3) vs #11 Holland Gladiators (0-5)

I feel bad for the Gladiator’s but give them a lot of credit for sticking it out this far into the season and at least showing up to play most of the games that they have been scheduled, and to be honest I kinda want to see them get a win!! Will that happen this week, it could the Calvary Knights started off the season what looked to be a decent run but have been on a slump losing 3 straight will the break that skid this week??

That is a preview of week 6 UFL schedule lots of good games and with the way the season has been going who knows what surprises will pop up.

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