December 1, 2022

From the press box

Sports in Central and North East Indiana

Brien Mitchum

From the Press Box

We have another week gone by, we had an offensive showdown, we had another Shocking disaster and much more.

We start off with what I think should have been UFL game of the week.

#4 Indy Firehawks (5-1) 48 vs #5 Fort Wayne Wolverines (3-2) 44

The Firehawk’s probably thought that the Wolverines would just not show up for this game, but in fact they probably were a little surprised that the Wolverines in week 6 were not the same as the Wolverines in Week 1, and no they didn’t just go grab players the players in this game have been on the team since the first week of the season just were not playing in week 1, anyways on to the game this was a high scoring game what seemed to be no defense from either team but that was not the case the offenses were just both firing shots back and forth. The Firehawk’s held on to the game 48-44. Yes, they have 2-0 series lead over the Wolverines and most likely will host them in the first round of the playoffs, so look for another good game.

The Firehawk’s will get to rest this week as they are supposed to play the Shockers in a week 2 rematch but shockingly the rumor is that the Shockers have left the league after the coach decided to leave the game in the 3rd quarter last week and they ended up winning in OT. It is still not sure what is going on with the Shocker’s. So other than the game against the Outlaws the hawks have a pretty good path to the rest of the season.

The Wolverines coming off that tough loss in week 6 will have another tough opponent the Motor City Outlaws who are currently the kings of the conference, but as the Firehawk’s found out the Wolverines play better when they are underdogs, and this week the Wolverines are once again the underdogs.

#4 Kalamazoo Titans (1-4) 26 vs #9 Indianapolis Shockers (0-5) 32

If was a betting man I would of bet that the Titans were going to win this game, thankfully I am not a gambler this game went into overtime and somewhere in the 3rd quarter the Shockers coach decided to vacate the game and left, not knowing his team went to OT and won. Could this be the turn around that the Shockers needed?? Probably not, unfortunately we do not know at this time what is going to happen with the Shockers. I am sure we will find out before game day.

Titans will have a week of as they were supposed to play the Findlay Knights and we all know how that went down so congrats to the Titans on another victory.

#1 North Michigan Wolves (6-0) 30 vs # 6 Grand Rapids Surge (3-2) 19

I say this almost every week the Wolves are not going to lose in the regular season, and kudos to the Surge they almost scored 20 against them.

The Wolves are at home in week 7 to host the Chaos, this will be a blood bath if the Chaos does not try to contain them, but once again I don’t see anyone doing that anytime soon, be it in actual games or forfeit’s no one is going to take that #1, better luck next year teams.

#3 Lansing Lightning (4-1) vs #8 West Michigan Chaos (1-3)

Could not find a score on this game other than I know the Lighting did win. Lansing was supposed to play the Holland Gladiators but rumor once again and have not hear from the UFL president as of yet, but the Gladiators are rumored to have folded, giving the Lightning the 50-0 victory and a weekend off.

#11 Holland Gladiators (0-5) 6 vs #7 Calvary Knights (2-3) 22

The now rumored folded Gladiators of Holland Michigan, did not score a lot of points nor win any games but were always consistent with one thing that was they were going to get at least 6 points, now those were probably harder to come by than most teams, but they would put up 6 consistently. The Calvary Knights would earn the 2nd win of the year and the Gladiators gone see them in a spot to fight for the last playoff spot in the conference but with that comes bad news the #4 seed will play the #1 seed…Short lived victories are still victories people.. the Knights will take on the Surge at home this week and could shock the league and take the win away from the Surge, we shall see.

That is the week 6 recap and week 7 preview.

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