October 3, 2022

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UFL recap week 8 and week 9 preview.

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Brien Mitchum

From The Press Box

It’s been a minute and I am not even sure where to start..

Let’s see new team joined the league with about 3 weeks left in the season, how and why that would happen is beyond me and I am no expert but just seems stupid, regardless the West Michigan Patriots are now in the American Conference of the UFL and will play 4 games and have a chance to make the playoffs, this is reminiscent of what happen in a different league a few years ago story for another time. The chances for the Pats to make the playoffs are slim but there, if they win out and a few other things have to happen for the stars to align. To get there it may not be easy, they have to take on the NM Wolves, Surge and Chaos and beat them all. But as we have all seen this season has been less than normal so at this point anything can happen.

Week 7 Preview

Not really much to talk about.

Week 8 Recap

Well, I guess for the most part 3 games were played and 3 were forfeits I can’t even count the number of games that have been forfeited, when in a game a win is a win but at the end of the day these players pay to play and to be cheated out of that chance is a shame.

Grand Rapids Surge 6 vs Lansing Lightning 7

Another battle between these two teams, in the end it was Lansing that came out on top in a tough battle.

West Michigan Patriots 64 vs West Michigan Chaos 6

This game really was a one-sided game from the score line and that’s all there is really to be said about it.

North Michigan Wolves 34 vs Calvary Knights 6

I guess the Wolves were just relaxing in this game only scoring 34 not their usual 50 + and they let the Knights get 6.

The rest of the games were all forfeits not even worth talking about.

Week 9 Preview

#2 Motor City Outlaws (8-0) vs #4 Indy Firehawk’s (7-1)

This is the shaping up to be the biggest game of the season, for both teams and the league as well, the Outlaws have a 1-0 lead on the season series from that 50-0 forfeit that the Firehawks had to take and look to solidify the self-proclaimed championship run and rightfully, so they have won every actual game they have had a chance to play and are not only 8-0 but #2 in the power rankings under the North Michigan Wolves and even with a victory this weekend I am going to say that the Wolves won’t be giving up that #1 spot. The Outlaws have pretty much secured the #1 seed and home field to host the conference championship but with only 3 teams that the Titans have folded it is unknown if they will just get a first-round bye or what will happen.

The Firehawks are sitting at 7-1 if it had not been for that 50-0 loss in the first half of the season, they might be sitting where the Outlaws are but regardless, they are at #4 in the league and #2 in the conference. Firehawks have been telling themselves they are going to the championship since week after they squeezed by Fort Wayne 14-6, not a blowout by any means but hey every team has their Super Bowl and looking back at most of their games were not high scoring they scored 48 in the second game versus the Wolverines but gave up 44 in a high scoring battle probably the best game of the season in the league so far. Look for this to be a smash mouth battle between these two teams as the battle for bragging right in who beat who will be decided, will the Firehawks show up and put up a game versus the Outlaws, or will the Outlaws role in and drop 50 on them?

Even if they can pull off a miracle and beat the Outlaws this weekend, they won’t take that #2 spot and if I my calculations are correct, they won’t take the #1 spot in the conference but will have homefield advantage hosting the first round. Regardless of who wins someone will lose and whoever it may be there will be lots of talk after the fact. Can’t wait to see what the outcome is.

#1 North Michigan Wolves (8-0) vs #3 Lansing Lightning (6-1)

These two teams have a good history playing each other and look for this game to be no different and be a battle till the end, Will the Wolves finally loose this week and Lightning shock the world? Or will they continue to dominate into the playoffs?

#8 West Michigan Patriots (1-0) vs #5 Grand Rapids Surge (4-3)

Currently the Patriots are the red headed stepchild of the UFL that no one wanted to join, but I get it they are just like everyone else they want to play football for whatever reason that they joined a new league in the middle of the year, it has not been officially said other than they took the place of the Holland Gladiators. They take on Surge who will need a surge to get the win against the Patriots who are looking to win out so that they can play in the post season.

Both the Fort Wayne Wolverines and the West Michigan Chaos get forfeit wins against their respective opponents.

In the midst of writing this week’s preview some updates from the UFL had rolled out but not without some controversy surrounding what was truth and what was not. The Kalamazoo Titans have been grounded for the season, lack of players, injuries are what has been deemed by the league, Fort Wayne was supposed to play them they will get a forfeit win. There were other updates but until I confirm them, I am not posting the info. Hopefully we can make some sense of this week’s changes if they are in fact staying.

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