September 24, 2023

Press Box Report

Sports in Central and North East Indiana

Brien Mitchum

Press Box Report

Better late than never here is week 2 Recap of the MCFL season

# 1 Bird Gang (2-0) 28 vs #7 Thunderhawk’s (0-2) 0

Well this game would of been a one sided ass kicking anyways so Bird Gang went ahead and took a extra week off to do other things since the T-Hawks did not show up to the game, not going to speculate what happened since I am not privy to the actual events that took place other than what was on social media and by the T-Hawks players showing up to the Tigers game. Hopefully the ownership of the T-Hawks can get a hold of the controls before that train derails.

The Bird Gang take on the Bucs, and the T-Hawks travel to take on the LCW in week. 3.

#2 Indy Bison (2-0) 76 vs #11 Indy Assassins (0-1) 0

the score might have been ugly, but I do give the Indy Assassins, but I do give them credit for showing up and not just mailing it in and staying home, The Bison just could not stop scoring apparently scoring 76 points which has to be a MCFL record (Will ask Mr. Thompson) Bison travel for the first time this year to take on the River City Sharks, will the Sharks be able to compete with them the shit talk is already started, or will they be served up like surf and turf? We will talk about that in the Week 3 preview.

#3 Hurricanes (1-1) vs # 8 LC Warriors (1-0-1 NC )

I know the Warriors won this game but can’t find the score line but once I do i will add that in, both teams were looking to improve their record, the Canes who beat the T-hawks in week one looked to stay on a roll of sorts vs the LCW but the Warriors had other plans and this week a unfinished game or a loss was not an option. The Canes take on the Lions and the LCW take on the T-Hawks in week 3.

#4 River City Sharks-Bye Week

#5 St Louis Falcons (0-2) 6 vs #6 Ft Wayne Tigers (1-1) 22

The Tigers had to get back in the win column this week and the Falcons made the trip to Fort Wayne to play the game so kudos to them for driving the 6-hour drive from St louis. Tigers would score first on a drive that included some players that could not make it to week 1 game QB Joe Steigmeyer (13/21 287 yards 1 TD ) that TD went to WR Tyler Littlejohn (5 Rec 189 yards 1 TD), Tigers would pretty much hold the Falcons to 0 on the scoreboard until the last quarter when the Falcons would finally see the endzone, but that would not be enough to catch the Tigers and final would be 22-6. Tigers travel back to Indy to take on the Assassins and the Falcons will get an extra week of rest as they will have another bye week.

#7 Lions 32 (1-1) #10 Bucs 6 (0-1-1 NC)

The Lions get into the win column after a week 1 loss to the Bird Gang, taking on the Bucs who in week 1 game vs LCW the game got postponed for a later date. The Bucs schedule does not get any easier as they will take on the Bird Gang in week 3 and the Lions will take on the Hurricanes.

Next up week 3 matchups.

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