September 26, 2023

Press Box Report

Sports in Central and North East Indiana

Brien Mitchum

Press Box Report

Welcome back hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday with their families, but now it’s time to get back to the MCFL season. We start first with the week 3 power rankings but just a reminder this is my own rankings, not anyone of the MCFL so don’t get to upset.

Rank Team Streak RecordPF PA
1Bird Gang W22-0726
2Bison W22-011714

Pretty self-explanatory but I will try to give you my take on how I do the rankings for myself. So, Bird Gang holds at #1 they are 2-0 and have less points allowed than the Bison even though Bison have the most points forced @ 117. LCW are 1-0-1NC that NC will be either finished if the Bucs can get there to finish it at some point, but they are #3 at the moment in my eyes, followed by the Hurricanes who in danger of dropping out of top 5 if they don’t win this week. Tigers despite the week 1 loss are moving up in the ranks in my eyes will probably get back in my top 3 after this week vs the Assassins, the Lions could bump up depending how they do vs the Bucs. The rest of it pretty much is a crap shoot, and more than likely we will be down to 10 teams after week 3 more on that later.

Now let’s jump into the matchups for week 3.

#1 Bird Gang (2-0) vs #9 Bucs (0-1-1NC)

Well, I hate to say that the Bucs won’t stand a chance versus the Bird Gang this week, but I am just going to come out and say it, even though they have improved over the last few years they are just not going to come out on top of this game as the victors, the Bird Gang just won’t see a challenge until week 5 at least.

# 2 Bison (2-0) vs #7 River City Sharks (1-0)

Well I get a feeling that this week the Sharks will be fried up and served with chips with the Bison, the trash talk on social media is starting to pick up with this one and so far the Bison have been able to back it up and show it on the field, this week no different as they have the league’s #1 rusher RB #6 Corey Bridges 25att 237 yards, 4 TD in 2 games, the Sharks defense better be prepared to work and work a lot, and offensively avg 58 points a game and have forced 117 points in 2 games and are giving up a stingy 7 ppg giving up only 14 in 2 games and that was in week one.

The only thing that the Sharks have going for them is that they are 1-0 other than that they have not proved anything at least in my mind it was a 6-0 victory over the St. Louis Falcons and don’t have any information on them as fas as stats are concerned since they have turned those into the league.

I look for the Bison to drop at least 40 if not more and go 3-0 on the season. We shall see if the Sharks can back up the talk that has been on social media.

#3 Hurricanes (1-1) vs #6 Lions (1-1)

This could be anyone’s game with these two teams both are 1-1 both have scored a decent amount of points. Lions are coming off a win and the Canes are coming off a 20-6 loss to a good LCW team so this should be a battle both teams could use a win going 1-2 is not the end of the season since it is only week 3 at this point anything is up for grabs other than that #1 seed which until they are beat I will stick with that going to the Bird Gang in the North.

#4 LC Warriors (1-0-1 NC) vs #11 Thunderhawks (0-2)

At this point I doubt the Thunderhawk’s will even show up for this game the rumor is that they have folded at least that is what some of the players are saying that left the team, will LCW actually get to play a game or will they take another week off? If the T-Hawks do show up which I highly doubt that they will, the question is will they have enough players to field a team and will they be able to pull out a miracle and beat the Warriors?

MCFL League Leaders Rushing:

RankNameAtt YardsTDGPTeam
1Corey Bridges 2523742Bison
2Jacquez Woodland613012Bird Gang
3Kareem Henderson1110002LCW
4Joe Steigmeyer139611FTW Tigers

#5 FT Wayne Tigers (1-1) vs #10 Indy Assassins (0-1)

Tigers got into the win column last week versus the Falcons with 22-6 victory not there normal, but a win is a win, and we know coach Q will be back in the lab working hard this week, but a bright point for sure was the return of QB #12 Joe Steigmeyer as well as WR Tyler Littlejohn, both who were not there in week 1 and they came back with a great statement. #12 13/21 287 yds 1 Td, WR Tyler Littlejohn 5/189 1 TD contributing to that 22-6 victory no doubt, and we cannot forget about the Tiger’s defense when the Offense is working that means the D is really working holding the Falcons to only 6 points.

Assassins on the other hand were on the wrong side of the coin last week giving up 76 points to the Bison, but to all the negatives to that score line, they stuck in there and played 4 quarters of football, and will most likely need that and more this week hosting the Tigers who are looking to have a breakout game and look to get that from this game.

# 8 St Louis Falcons-Bye Week

Two weeks off to rest and recover is not always a bad thing, and I am sure it was a well appreciated break to have, but will the non-playing time be too much for the Falcons come next week when they have to travel even further to take on the Bison, we will talk more about that when we get closer.

Should be interesting week of games and trash talk leading up to this week’s games. I see the Bird Gang, Bison, LCW, Tigers and Hurricanes coming out of this week with a win, but I don’t predict outcomes I will leave that to other people to do, until next time be safe

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