December 6, 2023

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MCFL week 3 recap

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Brien Mitchum

Press Box Report

Here we are week 3 is a wrap and we start with week 4 power rankings (as always these based on my own opinions)

Rank Team Record PFPAStreak
2Bird Gang 3-011412W3-1
4FTW Tigers 2-1*6449W2+1
6Hurricanes 1-24220L1-1
* Based on game is not rescheduled and counted as forfeit for Assassins.

What is going on, we are through week 3 of the MCFL season, and we got teams up to old ways of no playing field secured and teams folding, let’s get into it.

#1 Indy Bison (3-0) 39 vs #7 Sharks (1-1) 0

Well, the trash talk from both teams was on a big talk level, but only one team was able to back it up on the field, I guess the Sharks are more like guppies when it came game time as they got served up 39-0 by the Bison, who go 3-0 on the season and host the Falcons in week. 4.

The Sharks fall to 1-1 which is not horrible and have to travel to Indy to play the Assassins that is if they actually have a field to play on this week, either way it goes I look for the Sharks to come out with a win.

#2 Bird Gang (3-0) 70 vs #9 Bucs (0-2-1 NC ) 6

Well, the Bird Gang continue to embarrass the teams they play, so far cruising through, could have put the practice squad in to play they probably would of still scored 70 points.

The Bucs are who they are despite the downfalls one thing is for sure they may show up with less than half a team but no matter the score they still stick it out to play 4 quarters. The Bucs might see the first win of the season the week they are supposed to play the now folded Thunder Hawks.

#3 LCW (2-0-1 NC) 28 vs #11 T-Hawks Forfeit (0-3) 0

It sucks that a team fold’s but not surprised that it happened, but it really sucks that LC warriors have only been able to play 1.5 games, but they host the Bird Gang this week (week 4) this will be the first competition that Bird Gang faces this season, could LCW pull out the upset over the BG? I am all about upsets so fingers crossed.

#4 FTW Tigers (2-1) * 28 vs #10 Indy Assassins (1-2) * 0 (I see this as a forfeit that won’t get rescheduled, but we shall see what happens)

You ever drive 2 hours just to get there and be told event was cancelled. well in this situation it was ” Oh we don’t have a field, ” we can reschedule though.” it should be automatic forfeit in my mind, and I am sure I am not the only one, so I am counting it as a win as hence the asterisk cause come on, I know what most are thinking ” this game won’t get played at a later date.” heck some may question if the Assassins will make it to the end of the season, mid-season maybe but to each their own, the league has got to do a better job of holding these teams accountable, especially stuff like this!!

Tigers are off again this week hopefully they can find a game, so they are not sitting for 3 weeks straight, for the Assassins they are supposed to play the sharks @ home in Indy, let’s hope they have a field this week!!

#6 Hurricanes (1-2) 14 vs #5 Lions (2-1) 30

Hurricanes were looking for another important win vs the long tenured Lions but came up short 30-14, Hurricanes travel to Chicago to take on the ever-struggling Bucs in week 4 and the Lions will get the forfeit win over the folded up Thunderhawk’s.

And week 3 is in the books, up next we take a look at week 4 preview.

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