December 6, 2023

Press Box Report

Sports in Central and North East Indiana

Brien Mitchum

Press Box Report

Week 4 Power Rankings

RankTeam RecordPFPASteak+/-
1Bison 3-015414W3
2Bird Gang 3-011412W3
4Tigers1-1 (1)3649W1+1
6Hurricanes 1-24220L1-1

#1 Indy Bison (3-0) vs # 8 St Louis Falcons (0-2)

The Falcons might wish they had another week off after all is said and done Saturday as they travel to Indy to take on the 3-0 Indy Bison, who have outscored their opponents 156-14, only allowing 14 points 8 points more than the Falcons have managed to score in two games, and have 2 shutouts in a row, expect it to be another high scoring one sided game in favor of the Bison, unless the Falcons can back up the talk .

#2 Bird Gang (3-0) vs #3 LCW (2-1)

Hopefully LC will be the team that gives the Bird Gang a challenge this week, I am sure both teams are ready for the game, and it will be interesting to see the outcome. Will we see an upset??

#4 Fort Wayne Tigers (2-1) * Bye week

Yet another week Coach Q and his team have to sit and not have a game, which is unfortunate. They will host the River City Sharks in week 5.

#6 Huricanes (1-2) vs #9 Bucs (0-2-1NC)

If this goes like I am guessing it will the Canes will be 2-2 by Sunday, unless the Bucs can dig down deep and give themselves a chance.

#5 Lions (2-1) Forfeit vs Thunderhawk’s

Lions will get a break this week and 28-0 win. thanks to the Thunderhawk’s closing up shop.

That will do it until next week’s recap, hopefully the teams that can’t seem to get their organization together will this week, so team’s don’t have to sit again next week.

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